Medical malpractice CS/CS/CS/CS/HB 479

Medical Malpractice; Requires DOH to issue expert witness certificates to certain physicians & dentists licensed outside of state; provides application & certification requirements & exemptions for physicians & dentists issued certifications from certain licensure & fee requirements; provides additional grounds for disciplinary actions; requires Board of Medicine & Board of Osteopathic Medicine to adopt certain patient forms specifying cataract surgery risks; provides for execution & admissibility of patient forms in civil & administrative proceedings, etc.


Haitian Family Reunification Parole Program HM 151

A memorial urging the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security to create the Haitian Family Reunification Parole Program to support Haitian applicants for immigration to join their families in the United States due to the current circumstances in Haiti.


Public Meetings/Criminal Justice Commissions CS/HB 361

Public Meetings/Criminal Justice Commissions; Provides exemption from public meeting requirements for that portion of meeting of duly constituted criminal justice commission at which members of commission discuss active criminal intelligence information or active criminal investigative information currently being considered by, or which may foreseeably come before, commission; provides for future review & repeal of exemption; provides statement of public necessity.


Physical Therapy General Bill CS/HB 413

An act relating to physical therapy; amending s. 486.021, F.S.; authorizing a physical therapist to implement physical therapy treatment plans of a specified duration which are developed by the physical therapist or provided by a practitioner of record or an advanced registered nurse practitioner; providing an effective date.


Bullying in the Public School System CS/CS/HB 609

Bullying in the Public School System; Prohibits bullying or harassment with respect to computer-related activities; provides that bullying includes cyberbullying; revises components of school district policy on bullying & harassment.


Pub. Rec./Spouses & Children of Law Enforcement & Agency Personnel CS/HB 731

Pub. Rec./Spouses & Children of Law Enforcement & Agency Personnel; Creates exemption from public records requirements for names of spouses & children of specified active or former sworn or civilian law enforcement personnel; provides for future review & repeal of exemption; creates exemption from public records requirements for names of spouses & children of specified state attorneys & statewide prosecutors; provides for future review & repeal of exemption; provides statement of public necessity.


Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles General Bill CS/CS/HB 7125

Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles; Provides that certain positions in HSMV are exempt from career service; revises provisions for certain commercial motor vehicles & transporters & shippers of hazardous materials; revises language relating to certain commercial motor vehicles not properly licensed & registered; revises provisions for transfer of ownership by operation of law when motor vehicle or mobile home is repossessed; amends provisions relating to manufacturers, distributors, & importers of motor vehicles; amends provisions relating to review of license suspension when driver had blood or breath alcohol at certain level or driver refused test of his or her blood or breath to determine alcohol level; provides appropriations.


Florida Law Enforcement Officers’ Hall of Fame CS/CS/CS/HB 41

Florida Law Enforcement Officers’ Hall of Fame; Establishes Florida Law Enforcement Officers’ Hall of Fame; designates location; provides procedures for selection, nomination, & induction; requires FDLE to adopt rules; provides appropriation.


Inmate Reentry HB 43

Inmate Reentry; Waives fee for identification cards issued to certain inmates; authorizes issuance of temporary permits in certain circumstances; waives fee for replacement driver licenses for certain inmates; requires waiver of fees for certain inmates receiving copy of birth certificate; requires DOC to work with other agencies in acquiring necessary documents for certain inmates to acquire identification card or driver license before release; provides exceptions; requires DOC to provide specified assistance to inmates born outside this state; authorizes DOC to operate male & female faith- & character-based institutions.


Transportation Facility Designations HB 63

Transportation Facility Designations; Provides honorary designations of various transportation facilities in specified counties; directs DOT to erect suitable markers; authorizes department to permit erection of specified marker under certain conditions.


Postsecondary Student Tuition HB 275

Postsecondary Education Tuition and Fees; Revising the definition of the term “tuition differential”; revising the purchase date of an advance payment contract as it relates to the amount paid by the Florida Prepaid College Board to a state university on behalf of a qualified beneficiary; revising the standard tuition and out-of-state fee for certain workforce education postsecondary programs and certain programs at Florida College System institutions; revising state university resident undergraduate tuition; providing for the waiver of out-of-state fees for students based on certain attendance, graduation, and enrollment requirements; prohibiting denial of classification as a resident for tuition purposes based on certain immigration status, etc.


Regulation of Public Lodging Establishments & Public Food Service Establishments CS/HB 307

Regulation of Public Lodging Establishments & Public Food Service Establishments; Revises permitted scope of local laws, ordinances, & regulations regarding vacation rentals.


Pharmacy CS/HB 323

Pharmacy; Revising the composition of the Board of Pharmacy; increasing the number of registered pharmacy technicians which a licensed pharmacist may supervise; authorizing pharmacists to administer meningococcal and shingles vaccines under certain circumstances; requiring written prescriptions for specified controlled substances to be legibly dated in a specified format, etc.


Pub Rec./Motor Vehicle Crash Reports CS/CS/CS/BH 865

Motor Vehicle Crash Reports; Specifies that required statement must be completed & sworn to for each confidential crash report requested.


Nursing Education Programs CS/CS/CS/HB 1059

Nursing Education Programs; Requires graduates of approved prelicensure nursing education programs who do not take licensure examination within specified period after graduation to complete specified course; exempts nurses who are certified by accredited program from continuing education requirements; revises requirements related to clinical training; revises calculation of required graduate passage rate for approved programs; provides additional requirements for remediation plan; authorizes board to extend probationary status for program that has demonstrated adequate progress toward its graduate passage rate goal; provides for recalculation of passage rates when students are transferred from terminated program; requires nursing education programs that prepare students for practice of professional nursing to be accredited.


Involuntary Civil Commitment of Sexually Violent Predators CS/HB 7019

Involuntary Civil Commitment of Sexually Violent Predators; Authorizing and requiring a state attorney to refer certain persons for civil commitment under certain circumstances; requiring the agency with jurisdiction over a person who has been convicted of a sexually violent offense to give written notice to the multidisciplinary team as soon as practicable after receipt into custody of such person in a county or municipal jail facility; providing for certain released persons to be taken into custody by the Department of Children and Families; requiring the Department of Corrections to collect recidivism information and include the information in their annual report, etc.


Economic Development CS/HB 7023

Economic Development; Requiring each county and municipality to adopt and enforce land development regulations in accordance with the submitted comprehensive plan; providing a sales tax refund for purchases of electricity by certain eligible businesses; providing requirements for loan programs relating to accountability and proper stewardship of funds; extending and renewing building permits and certain permits issued by the Department of Environmental Protection or a water management district, including any local government-issued development order or building permit issued pursuant thereto; creating the “Florida Microfinance Act”, etc.


Psychiatric Nurses CS/CS/HB 335

Psychiatric Nurses; Requires psychiatric nurses to hold national advanced practice certification as psychiatric mental health advanced practice nurse; authorizes such nurses to approve release of individuals from receiving facility after involuntary examination under certain circumstances.


Transactions in Fresh Produce Markets CS/HB 103

Transactions in Fresh Produce Markets; Authorizing certain owners and operators of farmers’ markets, community farmers’ markets, flea markets, and other open-air markets selling fresh produce to allow authorized Food and Nutrition Service groups, associations, and third-party organizations to operate electronic benefits transfer systems in such markets; providing restrictions on the use of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits in such markets, etc.


Access to Health Care Services HB 423

Access to Health Care Services; Expanding the categories of persons who may prescribe brand name drugs under the prescription drug program when medically necessary; requiring advanced registered nurse practitioners and physician assistants who prescribe controlled substances for the treatment of certain pain to make a certain designation, comply with registration requirements, and follow specified standards of practice; designates “The Barbara Lumpkin Prescribing Act”, etc.


Location of Utilities HB 461

Location of Utilities; Revises circumstances under which county commissioners may grant license for specified projects related to lines for transmission of certain public utilities & communication services; authorizes DOT & certain local governmental entities to prescribe & enforce regulations regarding placement & maintenance of specified structures & lines within right-of-way limits of roads or publicly owned rail corridors; specifies that owner of utility located within certain right-of-way limits must initiate & bear cost necessary to alleviate any interference to use of certain public roads or rail corridors; requires authority to bear cost of utility work necessary to eliminate unreasonable interference if utility is lawfully located within certain utility easement, subject to certain deductions; provides findings of important state interest.


Ordering of Medication HB 1241

Ordering of Medication; Providing that a pharmacist may dispense an emergency opioid antagonist pursuant to a non-patient-specific standing order for an autoinjection delivery system or intranasal application delivery system; revising the authority of a licensed physician assistant to order medication under the direction of a supervisory physician for a specified patient; revising the term “prescription” to exclude an order for drugs or medicinal supplies dispensed for administration; authorizing a licensed practitioner to authorize a licensed physician assistant or advanced registered nurse practitioner to order controlled substances for a specified patient under certain circumstances, etc.


Medical Assistant Certification HB 4007

Medical Assistant Certification; Repeals language relating to certification of medical assistants by American Association of Medical Assistants or as Registered Medical Assistant by American Medical Technologists.


Haitian Independence and Flag Day/Haitian, Haitian American, and Caribbean American Heritage Month CS/CS/SM 572

Haitian Independence and Flag Day/Haitian, Haitian American, and Caribbean American Heritage Month; Urging Congress to recognize January 1 as “Haitian Independence Day,” the month of May as “Haitian Heritage Month” and “Haitian American Heritage Month,” May 18 as “Haitian Flag Day,” and the month of June as “Caribbean American Heritage Month,” etc.


Transportation Facility Designations CS/SB 576

An act relating to transportation facility designations; amending chapter 26497, Laws of Florida, 1951; revising the name of an honorary designation of a transportation facility in a specified county; directing the Department of Transportation to erect suitable markers; providing honorary designations of various transportation facilities in specified counties; directing the Department of Transportation to erect suitable markers; amending chapter 2014-228, Laws of Florida; revising the name of an honorary designation of a transportation facility in a specified county; providing an effective date.


Involuntary Examinations Under the Baker Act SB 112

Involuntary Examinations Under the Baker Act: Authorizing physician assistants and advanced registered nurse practitioners to execute a certificate under certain conditions stating that they have examined a person and find the person appears to meet the criteria for involuntary examination, etc.


Marriage of Minors SB 208

Marriage of Minors; Deleting provisions that allow the issuance of marriage licenses to minors under 16 years of age in certain circumstances, etc.


India Independence Day/India Heritage Month SR 210

A resolution recognizing August 15, 2018, as “India Independence Day” and August 2018 as “India Heritage Month” in Florida.


Autism Soccer Awareness Week SR 366

A resolution designating April 1-7, 2018, as “Autism Soccer Awareness Week” in Florida.


Haiti’s Temporary Protected Status SM 442

Haiti’s Temporary Protected Status; Urging the extension of Haiti’s temporary protected status designation for at least 18 months beyond its scheduled January 22, 2018, expiration, etc.


Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Program SM 882

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Program; Urging Congress to preserve the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Program, etc.


ESPERER Act of 2017 35 SM 888

A memorial to the Congress of the United States, urging the Congress to pass H.R. 4184, the ESPERER Act of 2017.


Defamation SB 1060

Defamation; Repealing provisions relating to defamation by falsely and maliciously imputing a woman’s want of chastity and relating to defamation by making certain derogatory statements concerning banks and building and loan associations, etc.


Jewish American Heritage Week

A resolution recognizing February 12-16, 2018, as Jewish American Heritage Week in Florida.


Transportation Facility Designations SB 1734

Transportation Facility Designations; Providing honorary designations of various transportation facilities in specified counties; directing the Department of Transportation to erect suitable markers, etc.


Training for Secondary School Nurses SB 1762

Training for Secondary School Nurses; Requiring a school health services plan to provide for the training of secondary school health nurses to help them identify and respond appropriately to students who are victims of rape, etc.


Human Trafficking SB 1784

Human Trafficking; Requiring the Statewide Council on Human Trafficking to recommend specified identifiers or a screening tool by a specified date to assist emergency room health care personnel in recognizing victims of human trafficking; requiring the Department of Health to post the screening tool and certain information provided by the council on its website, etc.


Family Caregiver Tax Credit SB 1786

Family Caregiver Tax Credit; Specifying the order in which the tax credit for businesses employing and providing certain support to employees who serve as family caregivers is applied against the corporate income tax or the franchise tax; providing a tax credit for certain qualified businesses employing and providing mental health support to employees who serve as family caregivers, etc.


Little Haiti Ecodistrict SR 1800

Little Haiti Ecodistrict; Recognizing the Little Haiti Ecodistrict as it works to revitalize the re-emerging Little Haiti neighborhood, etc.


Concealed Weapons or Concealed Firearms SB 956

Concealed Weapons or Concealed Firearms; Requiring the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services to issue a license if, in addition to other specified criteria, the applicant has undergone a mental health evaluation conducted by certain licensed professionals and has been determined to be competent, etc.


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