Daphne believes our education system must put the needs of students first. That’s why Daphne supports a quality and effective education for all. Every child deserves the best possible education period. Daphne will fight for your children’s education and help give them the bright future they deserve.

Our schools should be a safe haven for our youth to learn, grow and fulfill their potential. That’s why Daphne will fight to substantially improve school safety measures and advocate for its widespread adoption, continuing to measure and adapt because school safety is a continuous process. We must take action to keep our children safe.

Florida has the fourth largest tax revenue in the United States making it indefensible that we would pay our teachers $10,000 under the national average. We must prioritize our teachers that’s why Daphne will vote to support our teachers granting them the funding and support they need and deserve. Our teachers deserve a living wage so they may continue to support our students so they can help them to best fulfill their potential.


  • Support High Quality Education
  • Improve School Safety
  • Pay Teachers Living Wage

Health Care

As a registered nurse, Daphne understands our flawed for profit health care system. Daphne believes healthcare is not just a privilege to those who can afford it, but a basic human right to everyone. It’s immoral that families sometimes must choose between paying bills and getting the healthcare they need. More than 2.6 million people in Florida lacked health insurance at some point in 2017 topping the national average. But it isn’t just Floridians, 44 million people across the US don’t have health insurance. If you include the 38 million people that don’t have adequate health insurance it means that nearly one-third of Americans lack adequate healthcare. This is completely unacceptable, that’s why Daphne supports Medicare-for-All which not only grants healthcare for everyone no matter their income but also drastically lowers healthcare costs for the country as a whole overall.

Medicare-for-All would save the US economy massive amounts of money by lowering the costs of healthcare and prescription medicines. On average G7 countries spend 9% of their GDP, which includes private and public, on healthcare. The United States spends a whopping 15% of its GDP on healthcare! This extra cost comes from for-profit insurance companies, high healthcare costs, and high prescription medicine costs. So how will Medicare-for-All save the US economy money? The savings would come from the government’s ability to negotiate lower prescription-drug prices, mandate lower healthcare costs and cut out the middleman costs of private insurance. This not only saves everyone money in the long run it ensures everyone receives the healthcare they need regardless of income.

But if Medicare-for-All is such a no brainer than why hasn’t it been implemented yet? Private insurers and pharmaceutical industries spend billions of dollars through campaign contributions and lobbying influencing politicians and legislation to keep things the way they are. Healthcare doesn’t have to break the bank, it’s time the United States ensures healthcare for all its citizens as does every other developed nation in the world. Don’t be confused by the lobbyist term universal “access” to healthcare which refers to more for-profit plans.


  • Medicare-for-All
  • Improve Quality of Life
  • Support Affordable Healthcare
  • Improve Kidcare Program
Gun Safety

Gun Control Reform

The US is undergoing an epidemic of gun violence and we can no longer stand by as innocent people and children are victimized by gun violence. We must take action. With over 300 million firearms in the United States many Americans see the need for common-sense gun safety laws. It’s easier to get a gun than to to get health insurance. Gun violence in the US is 10x higher than in other high-income countries. Parent’s should not have to fear for their children’s lives at school. Real effective gun legislation is long overdue and we can no longer put the interests of the NRA’s corporate backers over the lives of our children and innocent Americans. That’s why Daphne pledges to support laws for advance background checks, support total mental health reform and ban assault weapons including the AR-15.


  • Ban all Assault Weapons, including AR-15 Rifles
  • Support Advance Background Check Laws
  • Support Total Mental Health Reform

Affordable Housing

It’s no secret that living costs in Miami are extremely high. Data from the US Census Bureau show that Miamians spend a larger percentage of their income on rent than any other city in the US including cities such as New York, Seattle, Los Angeles and San Francisco. As Miamians we spend a shocking 27% of our income on rent. Low wages also compounds this problem further. As a member of the working class, Daphne understands the root causes to these issues, that’s why Daphne is committed to creating an Affordable Housing Task Force to identify issues that prevent accessible opportunities and ensure affordable housing to all.


  • Create Affordable Housing Task Force to identify issues that prevent accessible opportunities

Climate Change

The world’s leading climate scientists warn that we have only a dozen years to mitigate some of the worst effects of climate change by limiting the global warming to a maximum of 1.5C. If we exceed this temperature virtually all coral reefs will be wiped out, one-third of the planet will experience extreme heatwaves once every five years, increased frequency and severity of storms, sea-level rise which would displace 143 million people by 2050 as well as the environmental and ecological devastation which all combined will cause the largest mass migration of people ever.

On top of that Florida is the most vulnerable of all fifty states to the effects of climate change. Not only will Florida experience more frequent and powerful hurricanes but Florida is predicted to have nearly 64,000 homes flooding every week in 2045.
In short climate change is the gravest existential threat humanity faces.

But there is hope, we still have time to act. That’s why Daphne is supporting the Green New Deal a bold new plan that will take steps in addressing climate change. The Green New Deal is also a way in recognizing the structural relationship between environment and economy which is an important measure in understanding the root causes of climate change. The Green New Deal will shift our power demands to 100 percent clean, renewable, and zero-emission energy sources. It will build and upgrade to energy-efficient, distributed, and ‘smart’ power grids which will ensure affordable access to electricity. The Green New Deal will also provide many Americans with jobs rebuilding our infrastructure and boosting our economy. As Floridians we have the most at stake when it comes to climate change and it’s why Daphne believes we must take leadership in the fight against climate change to protect our future and our children’s future.


  • Pass Green New Deal
  • Continue to address Sea Level Rise and Flooding Areas in Florida
Economic Development

Economic Development

As a registered nurse for over 30 years Daphne understands the issues facing working class families. As wages stagnate and living costs continue to rise Miami has quickly become one of the most economically stratified and costly places to live in the US. Many families are forced to make tough decisions between healthcare, rent and food. Daphne believes this is immoral and does not reflect our values as Americans. Americans continue to be more productive every year yet wages do not reflect this increase in productivity. Cities like Seattle have proven to be successful testing grounds for $15 minimum wage despite the resistance of large corporations. As corporations continue to make record profits it’s time they pay their fair share to their employees, that’s why Daphne will support a $15 minimum wage because every worker deserves a living wage.


  • $15 min wage
  • Support Small Businesses expansion & Development thru SBA Loans

Immigration Reform

We can’t allow Trumps anti-immigrant rhetoric to continue divide us as a nation and stop us from doing what is right. We must stand up to Trump’s continued attempts to end DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals). As 80% of American people believe we should provide legal status to the 1.8 million people in the program, Trump’s heartless attempts to end DACA clearly do not represent the will of the people. Daphne will support the DACA program to give continued protected status to immigrants.

Temporary Protect Status (TPS) is a life saving provision in which the US government provides protection from deportation to people from countries afflicted by natural disasters, war, or other dangerous conditions. Over the past year Trump has ended protections for over 300,000 immigrants who are losing their TPS. This is another cruel attack on immigrants that is ripping families apart and hurting communities. Those who are protected by TPS are some of the most vulnerable immigrants and removing their status could threaten their lives, that’s why Daphne supports TPS extension for all to provide protection to refugees and immigrants many whos lives may depend upon it.

As a Haitian immigrant, Daphne Campbell understands deeply the problems facing immigrants today. As Trump continues to ramp up anti-immigrant sentiment we must stand in solidarity with immigrants in assuring they are treated fairly and humanely. We must have an immigration policy based on uniting families, not dividing. We are a country that was built upon immigration, where people could come and live the American Dream. Take a stand with Daphne in protecting the rights of our neighbors so we can see to it that they are given the respect and dignity all people deserve.


  • Support DACA Program & TPS Extension for all
Justice Reform

Justice Reform

Our justice system is long overdue for reform. A system which focuses solely on punishment and not on rehabilitation is a system surely to fail. It is shameful that we are the world’s leader in incarceration with over 2.2 million people in the nation’s prisons and jails. This is a 500% increase over the last 40 years. Something must change. We need comprehensive and evidence-based corrections reform to modernize our criminal justice system.

That’s why Daphne supports the SAFE Justice Act which brings our federal prison system in line with the science of reforming criminal behavior. The Safe Justice Act will increase the use of alternatives to incarceration, improve reentry outcomes, reduce federal prison sentences and authorize the use of medication-assisted treatment.

Daphne supports the SAFE Justice Act so that we can reduce recidivism, reduce crime, save money and curtail over-criminilization.


  • Support SAFE Justice Act & Enhance Rehabilitation
  • Introduce legislation to prevent human trafficking


The corruption flagrantly displayed by the Trump presidency is unfortunately just the tip of the iceberg. Corporations, wealthy donors and lobbyists increasingly gain undue influence over politicians and public institutions. Our military spends trillions of dollars of tax payer money unaccounted for while families go without healthcare or affordable wages. In the age of climate change and the largest wealth inequality since the Gilded Age we must take decisive action. Daphne Campbell stands firmly against corruption and will fight to make the government more responsible, effective and more efficient.


  • Make Government more responsible, more effective and more efficient


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